Providing quality child care makes good business sense!

 There are many reasons a parent's ongoing childcare arrangements may fall through.  When there is a breakdown in a parent's ongoing childcare arrangements, an employee is forced to either find backup childcare or call into work sick in order to provide care for her child herself.

Back-up care in the workplace is needed for when:

An employee has a nanny who calls in sick or is going on vacation

An employee has a child who is mildly ill and cannot attend daycare

An employee needs to travel overnight for work and her children need care

An employee needs to work overtime or extended hours

The school an employee's children attend is closed on public or long holidays

A new employee has relocated and needs to find a new childcare arrangement.

 Businesses that offer childcare solutions are better able to attract and retain talented working parents, who make up a significant amount of the working population. And when businesses invest in offering childcare solutions, they get a positive return on their investment including more consistent productivity, decreased absenteeism, improved morale, improved job satisfaction, and a decrease in worker turnover.

Therefore, if your company hires staff who are parents and wishes to offer them such benefits, or you manage centers such as health or recreational clubs, gyms, etc; Then you will benefit greatly from Icarella's CHILDCARE SERVICES FOR COMPANIES! 



Icarella childcare services is able to set up international standard childcare spaces within your companies in order to support staff with continuous standby nannies who are trained and equipped to provide individualized care to children in groups. We are also able to provide traind childminders to daily care for children who utilise the care fascility.

Finally, childcare space setup or staffing without continuous on-site management support oftentimes results in diminishing quality of the care practices. Caregivers must be constantly supported so that they understand how best to utilize the knowledge received when faced with unique challenges. Icarella CS Ltd is not only able to establish onsite daycares for organizations, we are also able to manage the sites partly or fully for a short or continuous period. 


Back-up care is temporary care provided during a lapse or breakdown in normal care arrangements. Employer-sponsored back-up childcare is designed to supplement employees' ongoing childcare arrangements.  Back-up childcare is not a replacement for regular, ongoing childcare. Having a corporate-sponsored and subsidized back-up childcare program gives benefit-eligible employees easy access to affordable, high-quality childcare when their ongoing childcare arrangements fall through and they need childcare most. 

For more information about getting a back-up care program started for your company, please fill out THIS FORM or contact us at +234-809-114-8004