Would you like a double-check your Domestic staff or your childcare provider at your office, school, or center?

Most employers would like to verify their staff's background as well as their health status. Unfortunately, most employers do not know where or how to start. Also, collating information from your nanny (prospective or currently working) can be time-consuming and cumbersome and it's never wise to delay with such.

We can perform that service promptly for you!

Rewards of conducting background checks:

  • Discouragement of applicants who have something to hide.
  • Reduced theft and embezzlement.
  • Increased applicant quality.
  • Potential decrease in discipline problems.
  • Potential to uncover drug/alcohol problems in an applicant.
  • Reduced workplace violence.
  • Peace of mind.

These are the following checks we perform:

  1. Health status verification checks: Nannies are screened for HIV 1 and 2, Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis, Pregnancy, and Typhoid. A nanny who is screened positive for one or more of these conditions, with the exception of typhoid, is unsuitable for work. Typhoid is exempted because it can easily be treated
  2. Thorough background documentation: Nannies are required to produce details of previous/current residence details and a visit is paid to their home. They are also required to produce documents of relatives within the state of employment, guarantors, and referees if any. All details are verified and individuals concerned are questioned to authenticate their knowledge of and relationship with the nanny. Her past employment are also tracked and examined.
  3. On-premise verification: Here all addresses provided by a nanny- the previous employment, place of worship, all guarantors and relatives within the state, are verified via physical visits and documented for easy cross-verification by the employer.
  4. Criminal Records Check: Here your nanny's fingerprints are cross-examined with offense records with the Nigerian Police Force.
  5. Employer/Nanny Agreement documentation: Employers are always advised to draft contracts with their domestic employees to ensure a good, predictable and safe working relationship. Our agency is willing to provide a contract template to keep records of your agreements and to stand as a witness to all agreements between you and your childcare staff.

Within two weeks a full report of our findings and assessments are sent to you for cross-verification and record purposes.

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