Icarella Caregivers Institute, a subsidiary of Icarella Childcare Services Ltd,  is the number one training institute for parents, nannies, and other childcare professionals who wish to improve their caregiving skills even to a professional level. We operate an online training platform called the Caregivers Learning Scheduler available as a mobile app.

We offer very comprehensive training programs to all kinds of childcare providers: In-home nannies, Event nannies, and Center-based childminders for companies, schools (Crèche/ preschool), after-school care, and boarding school pastoral care staff.

Our in-person training programs are highly comprehensive with the main aim of ensuring caregivers are well-rooted in core knowledge and competencies for childhood development and care. Training includes theoretical as well as practical sessions with on-the-job assessments and a certificate of completion at the end of the program

Our online courses are of high quality and are self-paced. Courses are created to build on the existing skills and capacity of workers, so caregivers are able to learn even as they earn. Courses combine quizzes, tests and homework for a rich learning experience and a certificate of completion at the end of the program is issued.