Dealing with eating challenges, such as picky eaters and food "strikes", is a common challenge in childcare. Remember that children grow at different rates and their appetites, food preferences and eating habits change as they get older. 

To combat the epidemic of childhood overweight, all of us will need to take some responsibility for helping children to eat better and develop good habits.

A balanced diet is important for every child..

A balanced diet gives your child energy for daily living and helps maintains all the child's body functions.

Eating healthy is vital to a child's growth and development.

In the cases of injuries, lack of right nutrient proportions slows down healing and children will be prone to other common illnesses.

 Undoubtedly, it's important that your child's everyday meal should contain grains, protein, vegetables, fruits, and dairy. For infants under 6 months of age, all nutrients absorbed through breast milk are dependent on what the mother eats.

  1. As your older child's nutrition is concerned, your decision on what to feed your child takes priority and if you have a nanny,  your nanny's responsibility is to plan based on the directives you give, provide meals at appropriate times and ensure the child enjoys and is satisfied by mealtime

    Here are possible ways you can help your nanny to be successful with your child's nutrition:
     Ensure that your Nanny serves a variety of nutritious foods, by building a daily meal plan with her and making provision. ?? I agree with her on the appropriate time to offer food and especially SNACKS to the children daily.

  2. Support innovations to make food preparation and eating times fun and educative

  3. Support the Nanny's initiative to create and enforce appropriate mealtime rules. For example, No eating meals while watching TV (Screens encourage mindless eating that can lead to excessive weight gain)

  4. Also, encourage your Nanny to care for herself--eat well to stay healthy, feel good, and have the energy to care for the children.