Nanny Services

Icarella's Child Care Service is the first of its kind in Nigeria to remove the burden of searching for and hunting down the perfect nanny for your beloved children. Here we pride ourselves in providing you with the best nanny service at an affordable cost and flexible time frames to suit your work schedule.

We are on the mission to provide mothers with the preferable in- home child care personnel, who gives the family the right kind of service they require for their children. Through our services parents are not only paired with the ideal nanny, the services of the nanny is also monitored by our supervisors and their skills are continually developed even during the duration of the working contract.

Not only do you benefit from the high working standards of our nannies, you can also trust us to conduct thorough background checks on your nanny. We assess all nannies past working relationships, home and family conditions as well as health status assuring the priority of your child's safety. 

Nanny Training

The nanny trained in basic child development or early childhood education, as well as basic health and safety skills, generally does a better job with child care. The best training for an early childhood caregiver is coursework, combined with practical, supervised work directly with children. Previous experience with children is also important, of course, and the background and personality of the caregiver will affect the quality of childcare.

Icarella offers a very comprehensive training program for our nannies. We can also train employers existing nanny

Nanny Kits

When families equip their homes with tools that enhance nanny performance, they benefit greatly from the results they obtain.

We provide high quality accessories to enhance your Nanny's work such as Uniforms, Log books etc.