Company Profile

ICARELLA ENTERPRISES is a service passionate about purposeful childcare. We believe that the developing child's health and comfort represents and further determines the state of any nation. Thus to provide Parents ease of access to their basic physical and emotional needs for their children, is our PRIMARY OBJECTIVE and we achieve this  via a two-pronged approach.


We  offer direct services that meet the basic needs of the mothers. In order to increase the network of knowledgeable and skilled support available for women in their reproductive years, we provide a range of professional services:
  •   Using our service families can hire the ideal PROFESSIONAL NANNY for their beloved children. 
  • Families can also register their nannies for screening and into our Nanny Training Workshops
  • Also, via our non-profit affiliate,lectures and training programs are organized for healthcare providers  educating them on issues surrounding mental reproductive health. 


Through FLORA INITIATIVE FOR MOTHERS (FIM), our non-profit affiliate,campaigns, support groups, research,health talks and advocacy works are organized to help people become aware of the importance of psychological stability during the period of early motherhood.